Shree Jagannath

The temple of Shree Jagannath in Puri is regarded as one of the Char Dham (sacred Hindu pilgrimage places) in India. This historic Jagannath temple at Puri was built in the year 1078, and renovated to its present form in the year 1174. It is said that the flag atop the temple always flaps in the opposite direction of air. From any place in Puri one will always find the Sudarshan Charka (Charka at top of Temple) facing you. The shadow of the main dome is invisible at any time of the day and not a single bird or plane flies above the temple. The quantity of cooked food inside the Temple remains same for the entire year. But that same quantity of prasadam can feed few thousand people & 20 lakh people, still it won’t get wasted. The present day structure of Shree Jagannath Temple Puri is not the Original built up. Originally Indradyumna had constructed only the main temple. Kings and rulers in subsequent times added Meghanada Pacheri, Mukha sala, Nata Mandapa and other assets to the Temple Complex.

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