Gold Tree International Limited

Gold Tree International Limited, with its HQ in Mumbai, was formed two years ago. The main business of the company has been dealing and trading in Gold bullion. The company also manufactures gold medallions and bars. With these idols of Lord Jagannath, Gold Tree International LTD will foray into a new market of gold idols. The Jagannath Box is the first of its offering in this range.

Gold Tree has been dealing with gold for years. This attempt of creating Jagannath idols and accessories is a way to bring Lord Jagannath closer to his devotees. Gold Tree collection is specially designed for all the devotees. The products are a result of months of hardships. This divine range carries a rich heritage of Lord Jagannath. Gold Tree also dedicates certain percent of the proceeds of the sales charity under the CSR programme.

The company now plans to launch a new range of idols, along with more products in the coming future.

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